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About Grantham Builders

Grantham Builders Limited is a family owned and operated company servicing the lower north island.

Our team specialises in residential home renovations, working with you to reinvent or rejuvenate your home.

We can manage your job from start to finish so your project is stress and worry free.


We understand one size does not fit all

Grantham Builders takes pride in our ability to "think outside the box," and provide you with unique ideas and solutions. Before jumping into a job we will get you to talk through your vision, this may include sketches, pictures or often what you may actually want but don't think is feasible. We are then able to give you honest advice, timeframes and work towards bringing your vision to reality.  


Matt Grantham - Director and operations manager

Matt has 16 years industry experience, is a qualified carpenter, and a Licensed Building Practitioner. Matt is very honest and candid with clients creating a great working relationship.

He started Grantham Builders in early 2017, and with his happy go lucky attitude and dedication to meeting clients needs, quickly established a secure client base.

He is very passionate and has the ability to "think outside the box" providing ideas and solutions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Although Matt is the company director he still takes an active role on the tools, his attention to details and ability to complete jobs that others find difficult is second to none. He enjoys tutoring the apprentices, and passing on both his knowledge and work ethic to the next generation of builders.

Matt is a dedicated father and husband, enjoying the outdoors in his down time.


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